Das Wasserleckprotect System ist die beste Wasserschadensversicherung

Water leakage? We protect!

This novel water leak protect system gives you a high level of protection against water floods.

This new developed leakage protection system is using motion detectors and sensors and works on the 868 MHz ISM band.
The shut-off valve is normally in the closed position and opens only after receiving a wireless opening signal from a motion detector or other sensors.

The continuously working pressure sensor detects small leakages even the dripping tap.

Aquastop and flow sensors guarantee water supply for the dishwasher and washing machine without a person present.

The flow sensor detects the opening of the water supply valve for dishwashers, washing machines, hygienic water circulation, side by side refrigerator, outdoor faucets etc. and send a wireless signals for opening / closing of the shut-off valve.

The water leak protect system is your insurance against water floods in your home.

Technical advantages of the system

  • Reduction of open times of shut-off valve to the times water is needed
  • Reduction of time in which a water leakage can occur in the piping system controlled by the water leak protection system
  • Alarm is triggered in case the pressure sensor detects a pressure drop or the water sensor detects water and the shut-off valve will stay closed or will be closed
  • Leakages will be detected immediately, also the dripping faucet
  • Wireless transmission, 868 MHz ISM band
  • No pre-selected opening times or flow rate
  • System works full automatically
  • certified by DVGW-CERT DW-6350CO0431

The new water leak protect system is the best protection against water floods.

Das Wasserleckprotect System ist die beste Wasserschadensversicherung